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Hardscaping refers to the hard surfaces of the landscape. On your property hardscaping takes the form of patios, walkways, retaining or garden walls and driveways. We use flagstone, interlocking pavers, oversized slabs, armor stone and manufactured stone products to achieve a durable long lasting beautiful landscape . We specialize in:


When people think of softscaping they think of beautiful flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees. Your property deserves the capabilities and experience of HVL to ensure this happens. Whether you have an existing garden that needs to be given new life or you want a new creation, we are equipped and proficient with bringing it alive.


Fusion Landscaping

Fusion landscaping combines the art and science of horticulture with the science of hydrology to design, build/install and maintain aesthetically pleasing, water efficient landscapes. These landscapes use established design principles including form, function and the environment to optimize lot level stormwater management and enhance the environment.
HVL is certified as a Fusion Landscape Professional and can discuss ways to make handling of rainwater on your property a reality. Through the use of infiltration chambers, downspout disconnection and rerouting, permeable paving options, depaving options, rain chains and rain gardens we can reduce the amount of stormwater leaving your property. The water you are preserving can be used to send back to the aquifer for drinking water or for use in your gardens.