August 26, 2016

Aside from your garden and patio, the lawn is one of the essential parts of your property that contributes largely on your property’s appeal.


The difficulty of maintaining your lawn is fairly low, unless you have a huge property. Nonetheless, with enough diligence and patience, taking care of your lawn can be the easiest thing ever — unless you really hate mowing.


  1. If your lawn grows at a decent speed, mow it once a week. Set your mower’s blades to three centimeters (1.5 inch).
  2. If your lawn grows fast, mow it three to four times every two weeks. Set your mower’s blades to two centimeters (1 inch).
  3. If your lawn grows at a slow speed, mow it sparingly or at least once every two or three weeks. Set your mower’s blades to three centimeters (1.5 inch).
  4. When your lawn turns brown, do not panic. It is just the weather. When the dry spell’s over, your lawn will be greener again. Do not give your lawn water unless your lawn’s getting too thin.
  5. Do not obsess yourself in removing every weed in your lawn. Let them be, and do not tire yourself. However, if they start to form patches, then that is the time to remove them.
  6. Make sure to pull out weeds instead of just cutting them. Use a daisy grubber tool or anything similar to make sure that those weeds will not regrow again.
  7. If the weeds are growing fast or making a lot of patches, consider using weed killer formulas.
  8. If a part of your lawn is being frequently used as a path (you can easily identify which part of your lawn tends to be a walkway), it is best that you place stepping stones on that part.
  9. Take care of your lawn’s edges by trimming the grass that grows beyond the lawn’s border. Trimming the edges will make your lawn appear cleaner and neater.
  10. If your lawn appears pale and thin, consider feeding it regularly with lawn fertilizer.