May 16, 2016

You suddenly decided to take up gardening, yeah? Do you want it to become a part of your daily routine? If you are truly serious about it, then you should take note of these tips!


1. Imitating Your Neighbors

Are you having a difficult time knowing what plants will grow well in your garden or property? The quickest and dirtiest way to know is to check your neighbors’ gardens or lawns! Anything that grows well on their soil will definitely grow well on yours, too! After all, you have similar weather conditions, and most probably, all of you will have the same type of soil, too!


2. Perennials and Locals Are Best Choices for New Gardeners

Are you just starting on gardening? If you are, do not get yourself frustrated fast by seeing your plants die or wither fast. To prevent that, choose perennials (plants that survive easily for years) or local/native plants. They will easily thrive and survive in your garden or lawn with little care, and they can tolerate typical gardening mistakes.


3. Save By Composting

If you are worried that your plants are not getting the enough nutrition they need and you cannot spend a lot on buying fertilizers, then you should try composting. To make quick compost, just dig a hole in your property and dump all kitchen leftovers or biodegradable waste that you will produce.


It might stink a bit, so be sure to cover it once in a while. Also, make sure that you inform your family members about your compost pit. And secure the pit against your pets or young kids.


4. Use the Pebbles and Small Rocks You Will Find in Your Property

When digging or plotting, you will surely encounter pebbles and small rocks. Do not just throw them away! They can be useful in decorating your garden or in mulching your soil. It will save you lots of cash since you will not need to buy expensive mulch.


5. Invest on Gardening Tools

If gardening will be a long time hobby, make sure that you invest on good gardening tools. You will definitely appreciate using a good watering can instead of using a DIY water container with holes on it. Also, they will make your life easier.


6. Always Look Forward to Seeing Your Plants

Gardening should be just a responsibility or hobby. It should be something that you love doing. Gardening is not just for the benefit of plants, but it will definitely benefit you, too. Remember that gardening can cure a wounded heart, mend a broken soul, and even fill an empty stomach.